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Enjoy gabbi's Self Serve Spa

The pet spa at gabbis Boutique in Henderson, Kentucky

gabbi’s Boutique offers the only local self-serve pet spa. Bring in your “best friend” for their very own special day at the spa.  Everything you need to make your pet feel pampered is included in the $12 Spa Session price. 

Begin with a nice warm bath in the stainless pet wash station using our high-quality, oatmeal based shampoos and conditioners. 

Once your pet is squeaky clean, use our big fluffy towels for drying.

There is also a grooming table and dryer available to complete the grooming process.  Add a spritz of fragrance and your best friend will look, feel and smell like a prince or princess.  gabbi’s offers several spa items, including the Pet Botanica line, Miller’s Forge grooming tools and many fragrances for use at home.  The spa area also offers items for eye, ear and oral care.

Tayor is bathed in the self service pet spa at gabbis boutique

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